I have an external list which is generated from an external content type pointing towards my WCF service. I want to expose this list to my users but I don't want to spam the WCF service every time a page is refreshed by a user. Essentially I want to be hitting the service every 15 minutes, caching the results in the external list and only updating the cache when the time limit expires.

I thought about a couple of possible solutions but each one hit a dead end, mainly because I'm not experienced with sharepoint possibilities at the moment:

  • A timed job which runs a workflow to copy the external list to another list every 15 minutes. Expose the other list to the users.
  • Implement server side caching on the external list (I didn't find anything which indicated this was possible)

Anyone care to chip in with a plausible solution that I can investigate?


Or you can even write a powershell script to Copy List Items and run this through Windows task scheduler.

  • Can you please extend this answer to make it more helpful, e.g. how to write a PowerShell script and make it run through the scheduler? Dec 9 '13 at 9:56

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