Via SharePoint Designer it's possible to verify all Site Collection Workflows (on the Workflows List) grouped by type.

How can I via Powershell retrieve all that info displayed in the SPD Workflows List?

I already attempt via:

  • SPSite.RootWeb.Workflows: Only WF files
  • SPList.WorflowAssociations: need to iterate through all the Lists and not all info is available
  • Retrieving directly DB info from [WorkflowAssociation] or [AllDocs] tables and anywhere I can get a full detailed info as in that SPD List

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Iterates through all Web Application Site Collections (or one only) and for each Subsite retrieved the Custom Workflows (List Workflows - if exist) Note: The custom workflows data is retrieved from the xoml config file (Eg. MyCustomWF.xoml.wfconfig.xml) metadata and inner xml properties.

Possible retrieved WF metadata:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Association Base ID
  • Workflow Type
  • Web URL
  • Author
  • Modified on

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