Let's say you have a Blog site hosted in Office 365 and you write a blogpost. Users in SharePoint can comment and leave a likes, Use Hashtags and mentions. If we make the blog public so everyone can see:

Is there a OOB(Out of the Box) way to give visitors on the blog the possibility to give feedback without having a Office 365 account?

I assume I can create the functionality in an App-part that we can replace the normal "comment field" with, containing some required fields like Name, e-mail and comment.


If you are referring to a blog on the "public" SharePoint site hosted by Office 365, it uses a Facebook plugin for comments on blog posts, not the traditional SharePoint comment list.

Office 365 Blog Post

If you are referring to a different SharePoint site hosted on Office 365, if anonymous access is configured, you can grant anonymous access for users to add items to the Comments list.

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