I've asked this over at Stack Overflow (believing it to be a replacement for Experts Exchange), but it seems to be mainly for software developers:

This is probably a simple one for some you you wizz kids. I have an O365 Sharepoint Site with a form in which a school is using to collate pupil scores.

We have 3 cells which have numeric values as follows:

Column A: Number 
Column B: Number 
Column C: Number 
Column D: Calculated: Column C - Column A

What we need to do is to make column D display conditional data based on 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:

If Column C has no data in it = Column B - Column A.

Scenario 2:

If Column C does have data in it = Column C - Column A

How would I write out the calculation?

  • Do columns A, B, and C have default values configured? – Eric Alexander Dec 3 '13 at 0:19

Examples of common formulas

You can use almost the same formula's as in Excel.

To check if column C is empty use

=ISBLANK( [Column C] )

The whole formula could be someting like

=IF(ISBLANK([Column C]), [Column B] - [Column A], [Column C] - [Column A] )

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