We have a picture library that has employee photos shown in a thumbnail view. It shows the picture and the employee name which is the file name (John Doe.jpg). When you click on the picture it contains further employee details like Job Title, Department, Phone Number, Email Address, etc… We recently upgraded to SharePoint 2013 and now the employee photos show in thumbnail view but instead of showing the employee name, it shows their Job Title instead. When I hover over the photo it shows the file details as well like file extension, image dimensions, file size. Is there an easy way to change the hover over information? I've tried modifying the view but it doesn't seem to be changing anything. Thanks for your help!

  • Ryan, I don't follow you (and I would put this question under comments to your posting, but the site says I'm not allowed...). No matter what I do, the info that's displayed when I hover over a thumbnail is the name of the file, the format of the file, the size of the picture and the size of the file. I can't get that to change no matter what I do.
    – user41558
    Commented Apr 19, 2015 at 21:18
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    – Phil Greer
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This was the quick fix to my issue. The hover over in thumbnail view is using the “Title” field. I created a custom view that listed the Name field (which contains the employee’s name) and the Title field (which is currently blank). Switched to Quick Edit and selected a group of Names and copied them to the Title column. Then went back to my thumbnail view and the hover over now contains the employee names.

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