A user's MySite is over the default quota of 100MB.

PS C:\> $site.Usage.Storage

So the user currently has round about 106MB in his personal site. The problem is: He doesn't.


  FROM [SP_Content_MySites].[dbo].[AllDocs]
  WHERE DirName LIKE '%personal/username%'
  AND SIZE != 0

--> 3993036

So he actually has 3,9MB in his personal site.

I checked his recycle bin (that's where the 3,9MB comes from) as well as the second stage recycle bin (empty). I don't know where the 100MB comes from and I don't know how to "update" the quota - by that I don't mean to increase it. Is there some cleanup timer job I need to run? Any more Powershell voodoo I can try?


Can it be that the user has many or large documents that have been uploaded but never checked in? If you enter all his/hers document library settings, and opt for the "Manage files that have no checked in version" list to see whether this is the case.

  • No versioning, no checked-out documents. I'm farm admin so I would be able to see all files and secondly one should be able to see the files in the AllDocs table. – Dennis G Nov 29 '13 at 18:28

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