I need to update meta data on multiple files that exist on my SharePoint 2010 site. When starting the method that will update the metadata i do not know how many file that will need to be updated, however I do not think there should ever be more than 30-40 files that needs to be updated at any one time in the same batch. A requirement is that the version of the file is not updated.

I could just run a SPListItem.SystemUpdate(false) on each file as i iterate through the files, however i just found that SPWeb has a ProcessBatchData(string) method is this one to prefer instead of doing a SystemUpdate in a loop?


Unfortunately, there is no other way like SystemUpdate(false); or SPListItem.UpdateOverwriteVersion() on ProcessBatchData according to sharepoint SDK. As a workaround, you could try to turn off the version control temporarily.


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  • Thanks, turning off the version control on the library even if it is temporarily is not an option, I will have to go with SystemUpdate(false). I found this post omicron-llama.co.uk/2011/06/09/… about Batch update. The results suggest that it would not be good for me to use the SPWeb batch update as there is never enough document to update. – Robban1980 Nov 29 '13 at 7:23

SPWeb.ProcessBatchData processes batch updates significantly faster than individual updates. Use batch processing when updating a larger number of items. It will allow the database to process all your update requests at once and will significantly improve the overall performance of your SharePoint application.

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