I have an event-receiver set up for sharepoint that runs a query against Oracle and then parses the returned date string.

The SQL SELECT statement is built like this :

TO_CHAR (TRUNC (dateinfo), 'dd.mm.yyyy')

And the C# code:

DateTime.ParseExact(currentFieldValue, "dd.mm.yyyy", null);

I´ve also set up logging, and it states in the logs that when trying to parse something seemingly correct like "28.11.2013" it gets the following error: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."

And this seems to only happen with multiple multiple simultaneous "ItemAdded" triggered, but not always, sometimes 5 "ItemAdded" events fail, sometimes 10 of them go through fine.

Has anyone encountered something like this or has any idea what could be the cause, what to look for?

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Please try .Trim() method.

DateTime.ParseExact(currentFieldValue.Trim(), "dd.mm.yyyy", null);

If it does not work then refer below post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1368636/why-cant-datetime-parseexact-parse-9-1-2009-using-m-d-yyyy

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