So far, I'm not able to do anything to provision a WikiPage with Visual Studio.

The most recent avenue was to try calling

SPWeb.Files.Add("dest.aspx", SPTemplateFileType.WikiPage);

but this fails (regardless of the SPTemplateFileType) with an error that says "The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user."This error makes no sense at all.

It shouldn't be this difficult - after all, it seems to me to be a routine thing to do.

If there is a tried and true way to do this (putting the file in a module doesn't work, either), please enlighten me.

TIA Josh


Courtesy of Microsoft tech support, this article - Programmatically Provisioning Wiki Pages with Content and Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 - gets me much closer to what I wanted in the first place: a way to provision a WikiPage with code and some clear markup.

I'm going to give this a spin in the next few days. Since the above seat-of-the-pants method worked, my situation isn't quite as dire, and I've got a couple of more pressing issues to solve.

Stay Tuned.

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Here's the most coherent approach I've found so far. Basically, it involves building the page with Sharepoint itself, saving its containing site as a template, importing the template into Visual Studio, and then picking apart the elements files for the magic nuggets:

Provisioning Wiki Pages in SharePoint 2010 Web Template

It works, provided the assembly info contains [assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers] as its last line.

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