I am trying to move some publishing pages from an old SharePoint server to a new one using powershell. When I try to update the createdDate it says the property is read only. Is there a way to change createdDate and modified date for a publishing page using powershell?

  • So basically you are creating new list items, but with the same file? Are you referring to the field "Created"? – Robert Lindgren Nov 27 '13 at 14:21

If you have minor versioning enabled on the list, you can try to switch it of during the update.

$list.EnableMinorVersions = $false

// Update items
$aListItem["Created"] = yourNewDate

// When done, enable minor versions again
$list.EnableMinorVersions = $true
  • I used your code in my powershell but the modified date is exacat the date the powershell created the page. here is my code inside the page layout: <SharePointWebControls:FormField ID="FormField2" ControlMode="Display" FieldName="Modified" DisableInputFieldLabel="true" runat="server"/> – Medes Nov 28 '13 at 9:06

Try to get list item(page) and update "Created" field:

$item["Created"] = Get-Date "5/1/2006 7:00 AM"

Another option might be to create your custom field and copy data to it.

  • I used your code but it casts an exception and says something like invalid cast. my date is yyyy-mm-dd. – Medes Nov 28 '13 at 9:07

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