I'm trying to select groups I created in Sharepoint Designer (2010).
But they all say,

[No Access]

when I'm using the "Grant Permissions" Screen.

If I add them in the regular sharepoint screen it works fine Site Settings>Create Group
But adding in Sharepoint Designer something is wrong why? And Why are some groups associated with sites and others are not? How would I associate a global security group with a site?

enter image description here


Okay so this may seem totally obvious.

If I type in the group name in the first prompt and give it a permission level then it works. Then once the group has a default permissions level I can then add users to it. It's just confusing/deceiving when it says "Grant users permission directly". When you can actually grant "GROUPS" permission directly.

So Again:

  1. Add the user group in Sharepoin Designer: enter image description here
  2. Goto the appropriate Sharepoint site.
    Enter the "GROUP" name in the first Prompt in Sharepoint like so:
  3. Select a Permission Level for the group. enter image description here
  4. Once a Group has access to the site its then associated.
    Users can then be added to it.
  5. Now I can add users (blurred out) into the Group. enter image description here

In SPD, after you create the group, you need to click the hyperlink for Site Permissions to assign permission levels to the group.

  • My bad I don't think I clearly explained this question. Thanks for you help though PiracteEric. – Ben_Coding Dec 31 '13 at 19:05

Had the same problem, I realized: In my case, I wanted to grant access on a list, for which no groups have access rights (only singe users, directly given). That's why, every group has "no access" next to the group name.

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