I have a claims enabled sharepoint 2010 web application and set to anonymous access for entire site in central admin. Site collection is NOT set to anonymous access. I have created a subsite with unique permission and provide anonymous access to the subsite. But claim authenticated users coulnd access the subsite pages. I am getting sharepoint access denied page.

IIS web.config entries: authentication mode forms identity impersonate = true allow users ="*"

All IIS Authentication settings are enabled except Digest and Basic.

Note: I had the same access denied issue if I create a application page inheriting from unsecuredpagelayoutbase and anonoymous authentication set to true as well.

Any help?

Thanks Venkat

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Try to open the site while you are running Fiddler (http://fiddler2.com/). If the site is referencing any outside content ( .jpg etc ) it needs to authenticate which brakes your login procedure.

In almost every anonymous troubleshooting I have ever participated in, this was the culprit.

It should be pretty clear in the main screen of the Fiddler program.

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