I am a bit stumped why I have not found much information on this topic or why no one is asking the question. Maybe it is just not possible.

My question being: Are you able to enlarge Newsfeed images in SharePoint 2013(for example clicking on them in the feed)?

I understand they get uploaded as a certain size thus enlarging them wouldn't make sense.

Thanks in advance...


welcome to SharePoint Stack Exchange!!

It is not possible out of the box, just so that you know!

But, your problem was so interesting that I thought of spending couple of hours just to develop a small customization :)

So this is how my solution works:

  1. The default size of images posted on Newsfeed time-line is 300x300px
  2. I developed a custom feature that injects JavaScript and CSS on the fly, and with the help of jQuery, you can Zoom-in and Zoom-out the Newsfeed image :)
  3. Remember I set the starter height and width of image to be 150x150px (zoom-out size). When you click the image it will animate from 150px to 300px, kinda of animating zoom-in affect

See the pictorial demo below:

The normal Newsfeed image with 150px:

enter image description here

The Newsfeed image with Zoom effects 300px enter image description here

Here is the link to complete source code. Please download and rate the project and feel free to improve it :)

Happy SharePointing!

  • Firslty thank you tihs solution but ı dont understand how to import this .sln folder. Where is the import this folder .I m working Sharepoint Designer and Internet Exp in Sharepoint Site – user23969 Feb 26 '14 at 7:42
  • Link dead...... – OneOfThePetes Aug 8 '18 at 9:26
  • Solution didn't do anything for me. – OneOfThePetes Aug 8 '18 at 11:58

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