I want to use a 2013 reusable workflow, which I have installed from a .wsp solution package.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Create very simple workflow(2013 reusable) in SPD2013

  2. save the WF as a template and download it

  3. upload the solution to a site, activate it

  4. go to site features and activate the workflow feature i uploaded

But when I try to add a workflow to a list, I cannot see the template which I have uploaded.

Imported workflow activated as feature does not show up in Manage site features page

In the above link, it is mentioned that there could be a problem with the languages, but according to me that couldnt be a problem.

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The problem is that you probably did not publish the WF template in the first place. There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Publish the WF template before saving it in the source
  2. In the destination, after activating the solution, open the WF template with SPD and publish it

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