I have a list of more then 9000 items, the user want me to move items from that list to a folder. As administrator I created a view that shows the 9000 items (in pages of 250 items).

However if I use the "Site Content and Structure" and go to that list, it shows the default view and I see some folders there (but not the items that are not yet in a folder) and if a switch to my own (just created) view, it does show me the items in a "normal screen" it does'nt show me the items in the "Site Content and Structure" and now I cannot move the items ..please advice

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You can use powershell script to move items from that list to folder (example):

1.Get list from web

[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite] $Site = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($WebURL);             
[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb] $Web = $Site.OpenWeb();             
[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList] $List = $Web.Lists[$ListDisplayName];  

2.Then create a query to get all files without folders and move it all to new folder

$FolderToMoveTo = $List.RootFolder.Url + "/" + $FolderName;            
$Query = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery;             
$Query.Folder = $list.RootFolder;     
$camlQuery = "<Where></Where>"
$Query.Query = $camlQuery         
$Query.RowLimit = 9000; #limit query because of large folder    
$List.GetItems($Query) | Where {$_.ContentType.Name -ne "Folder"} |              
foreach-object {                     
 #Line below will simply output to console and demonstrates another .NET call             
 [System.String]::format("Moving Item {0} with ID {1}...",$_.Name, $_.ID.ToString());             
 write-host "Success...";             

3.Dispose web and site


We had the same problem. In SP 2010, using "manage content and structure" doesn't show you any subfolders when your list is over 5000 items. The list/library has a plus sign next to it but it disappears when you click on it, instead of expanding.

To fix the problem (without re-creating the list or using PS):

-set up a "Daily Time Window for Large Queries" in Central Admin > Manage Web Applications > your web app > General Settings > Resource Throttling

-during the daily window, add an index on your list on the Content Type field

-that's it. Now SP can query your large list for folders, so you can use Manage Site Content & Structure to move items to subfolders, no matter how many items are in the list

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