I sure this is possible to do in SharePoint, however, I am not 100% sure on how it's to be done. My objective is to 2 fields to automatically populate when adding a 'New Item' to an List Library. The 2 fields are as follows:

  1. Field #1, "Employee", to have the employee's name appear in the field automatically
  2. Field #2, "Date and Time", to have today's date and time appear in the field automatically

I was thinking to approach "Field #2" by adding "=TEXT([Modified],"mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss")" into the calculated field. However, I am not sure if this correct approach. Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much.

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For #2, yes, that would be the way to go, setting a default value but use [Today] instead. For #1, you'll need to resort to some scripting to achieve that, people columns can't have a default value. If you can use javascript/jquery, then you can retrieve that information and put it into a text field.

Using some jQuery and SPServices, it would be this:

var thisUsersValues = $().SPServices.SPGetCurrentUser({
    fieldNames: ["FirstName", "LastName"],
    debug: false
var userFullName = thisUsersValues.FirstName + " " + thisUsersValues.LastName;
$("input[Title='Display name of your column']").val(userFullName);

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