Here's my scenario.

SharePoint 2007 Standard Sp3

I've been tasked with creating a room booking system for a series of seminars. Each seminar has a specific headcount. The end vision is that we create something with a SharePoint calendar with two views. One view will show seminar time slots available available and the second will show one that aren't available. This is intended to be a self booking system.

The differences between the views will be the head count. If headcount < 15, keep in one view, if headcount => 15 kep in another view.

I've created a calendar, with the custom form. Now, I'm wondering on the best way to capture page edits. This could be via a column, custom column or workflow variable.

Any commentary or suggestions appreciated.

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How about presenting that in new Sharepoint calculated column -

=IF([HeadCount] > 15,"YES","NO")

With [HeadCount] being the original value of your Headcount column.

Then you should be able to set your views based off that new calculated value.

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