I am noticing that on all pages sometimes SharePoint doesn't load web part and displays the following message:

Unable to display this Web Part. To troubleshoot the problem, open this Web page in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible HTML editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists, contact your Web server administrator.

Refreshing the page solves this problem.

And another weird behaviour I noticed today. Let's say I have a page in which I have placed Content Editor web part. I open the page and do not turn of my computer and go home. Next day when I check that page again (I don't refresh it, nothing, it's just there already opened which I did yesterday) it shows the above web part error message.

Why is this happening?

  • Do you have the Minimal Download Strategy feature enabled (e.g. a default Team Site)?
    – Stu Pegg
    Nov 19, 2013 at 11:43
  • No it's a publishing website. Nov 19, 2013 at 11:51

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This is quite a generic error message. And a generic answer would be - it is happening as it takes to long to load a query. In order to see the limit of a query timeout you can run powershell command:

$farm = Get-SPFarm

If it is 1 sec, you may want to change it to 5 (or whatever you think is reasonable). Use the powershell command:

$farm = Get-SPFarm
$farm.XSLTTransformTimeout = 5

If that won't help you have to try to find if there is anything specific that causes the timeout error. In my case it was a SharePoint bug - if you backup/restore a site collection, you get this error when displaying All Items views. I created a view loading 20 items at a time instead of all and it fixed the issue.

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