I have wsp files that contain some web parts that I need to change the functionality of. Without the actual solution or project files, using just the wsp, is it possible to edit them?

I changed the files to cab's, and used IZArc to open them. I have a dll, xml files, and .webpart files.

I created a new project, importing from a solution package, as per the directions here: Is it possible to modify master pages and web parts from a .wsp file?, but all I get are the .webpart files, no c#.

Is it possible to change the c# files from these?

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you can decompile the DLL with Reflector, dotPeek or any other decompile tools and or import the WSP into Visual Studio

  • I used Reflector, thank you, saved me weeks of having to rebuild web parts.
    – wjervis
    Nov 18, 2013 at 19:07

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