We have a SharePoint List which has validation on it to check for a National Insurance number (9 characters long, 3 letters and 6 numbers).

However, it's not a mandatory field, so we would also like to accept the form if the field is left totally blank.

Is it possible to accept either scenario:

  • a blank field
  • or 9 characters

In the list valuation formula you could do:

=OR([Field]="", LEN([Field])=9)

This would allow the field to be blank or have 9 characters.


Modifying the formula from your link would look like:

=OR([New NI No.]="", (LEN([New NI No.])=9)
+(IF(OR((AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],1,1))>64,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],1,1))<91)),
(AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],1,1))>96,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],1,1))<123))),1,0))
+(IF(OR((AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],2,1))>64,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],2,1))<91)),
(AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],2,1))>96,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],2,1))<123))),1,0))
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],3,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],3,1))<58)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],4,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],4,1))<58)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],5,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],5,1))<58)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],6,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],6,1))<58)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],7,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],7,1))<58)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],8,1))>47)
+(CODE(MID([New NI No.],8,1))<58)
+(IF(OR((AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],9,1))>64,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],9,1))<91)),
(AND(CODE(MID([New NI No.],9,1))>96,
CODE(MID([New NI No.],9,1))<123))),1,0))
  • thanks, I tried this (whilst it does look exactly like what I need), it didn't work with my code. – Mark Nov 15 '13 at 15:46
  • there isn't room to post entire validation which I have used, but there is a link to it here: social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/sharepoint/en-US/… – Mark Nov 15 '13 at 15:51
  • Modified the formula from the post and updated the answer. – John Chapman Nov 15 '13 at 16:13
  • I've just tried that (and also copied and pasted from above, in case I made a mistake), but it still returns a validation error when leaving the field blank, which says: "The validation formula has evaluated to an error. " – Mark Nov 15 '13 at 17:11
  • I think I missed a parens. Add ) to the end. – John Chapman Nov 15 '13 at 17:30

solved it.

I went back to basics, started with validation for 1 character: either 1 or a or A or blank - got this working, then built it up around that. it highlighted the simple problem all along - it was the =18 at the end!

it should have been =15 at the end.

I couldn't understand why four lines of code [for the letters] counted for '1' and two lines of code for [the numbers] counted as '2'

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