I have an SSIS package that moves files to SharePoint using unc path \\intranet.domain.local\library\. The package was failing until I logged onto the SQL Server, browsed the site http://intranet.domain.local/library/ and clicked on Open With Windows Explorer. How can I maintain this unc connection without constantly connecting and browsing the site from the SQL server?

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This guy (http://whitepages.unlimitedviz.com/2010/12/unc-path-naming-for-files-stored-on-sharepoint-2/) was having the same issue. His fix was to change the UNC path a bit:




Play with that a bit until you have it working in Windows Explorer, then use that in SSIS.

  • This didn't permanently resolve my issue. I still had to logoff my RDP session, log back on and reconnect to sharepoint using Windows Explorer to reset my web dav connection.
    – Paul Riker
    Nov 20, 2013 at 13:18

It could be a permission issue. Make sure that the process identity SSIS is using has the appropriate permissions to access SharePoint.

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