I created an external content type für a MS SQL Server view. I created a list from it and three different views and I changed the form with InfoPath. All of this done without VS, only SharePoint Designer.

The data is displayed correctly and when I click on the dropdown menu of an item and choose "Edit Item", I can change and save it.

context menu shows both entries enabled

save button enabled and works

But when I open the display form of the item by clicking on the link or clicking on "View Item" in the context menu, the display form does not enable the "Edit Item" button in its ribbon.

edit item button not enabled ... why?


I "solved" this now with a workaround:

When you change the item form via InfoPath, SharePoint Designer creates two new ASPX forms "displayifs.aspx" and "editifs.aspx" and sets them default. I needed only the edit form to be customized.

So I solved this by setting the old "DispForm.aspx" as the default form for viewing (again). Instantly the Edit Item button worked again.

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