I've got a project where we need to replace a number of public folders at a company and each public folder is currently using a custom outlook form.

I am leaning towards using SharePoint Contact lists to do this. I know that you can manually connect a SharePoint contact list to Outlook using the SharePoint ribbon button.

However, there are a large number of users at this company and we would like to automate this.

Is there a way to automatically connect a SharePoint contact list to Outlook by using Exchange server?


I have 2 computers, one with outlook, connected to exchange, with sharepoint lists. The other was just stand alone outlook. I added an exchange account to the second computer, and the sharepoint lists from the first were copied to it.

So i think this means that the sharepoint list settings are stored somewhere in exchange. But where they are stored, i could not find. There are a few ways to access exchange data.


I tried Exchange Web Services (2007 SP1), but could only really get the default exchange store for a user. And it had no sharepoint sync data in it i could see. The ExchangeSyncData and Subscriptions folders were empty where i expected at least some items of configuration.

If you have 2010, i would try this new method to see if it gets you the sharepoint list settings of a folder.


Failing that, you could create the contacts in exchange with:


It must be noted that if you use sharepoint lists for contacts then i dont think they will appear in OWA or the GAB

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