As the title says, I'm trying to create a Report Data Source on Sharepoint 2010 where I have an SQL2012 instance with the PowerPivot, SSRS and the sharepoint add-in configured.

I choose "Microsoft BI Semantic Model for Power View" and write the connection string, then select Windows Authentication. When I click "Test Connection" it displays: "The connection either timed out or was lost".

I tried opening SQL Managment Studio on the server and connecting to the remote server which has the SSAS instance and it does connect. I'm trying to find what is happening.

-Edit 1-

It seems the [problem][1] is from trying to connect from the sharepoint server to an external SSAS. Also, I have Sharepoint 2010, SQL2012 for Sharepoint and my SSAS are 2005, I don't know it that helps.

I added the SPN for MSOLAPSvc.3 (following this question) with:

setspn -A MSOLAPSvc.3/serverFQDN server

-Edit 2-

I was looking at the sharepoint logs, and it seems is the same problem as this.

But I haven't found where to configure correctly the constrained delegation.

-Edit 3-

I created a spn for the domain account I'm trying to do the delegation to SSAS. Then I added the delegation to MSOLAPSvc.3 on the other server. And now sharepoint shows

A connection cannot be made to redirector. Ensure that 'SQL Browser' service is running.

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