I have a user that cannot connect to a WSS 3.0 site using the document connection from Office 2011 for Mac. It's not clear to me that WSS 3.0 is actually supported as I see this question all over different forums but there are no good answers.

SharePoint 2010 sites are perfectly fine, though.

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As far as I remember, it did work at my previous job. We had many Mac users running Office 2011 and could connect to our MOSS farm with the document connector. They had to specify a site URL and provide their username as domain\username and password and they could see a list of document libraries for the site.

  • We are not even being prompted for credentials. It just says "Connection error". You are certain it wasn't Office 2008 for Mac? Nov 12, 2013 at 17:49
  • Pretty certain it was 2011, Mac users were ahead of the windows users on office versions, 2011 vs 2007. Nov 12, 2013 at 21:14

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