I have a "Quote List" and "Task List".

Both are external lists, using BDCM custom connector (from WCF services)

I'm using Sharepoint 2013.

A new task will be create when a quote is approved. So on the "Task List" user will want to look at the original quote, that means, I'm putting a column say "View Quote", which opens that quote item in a modal dialog box (there will be logics to find the quoteID from the taskID).

Is there any ways to open an item from a different external list?




You can actually use calculated column to prepare a dynamic Hyperlink in your list view, please have a look at:
Using calculated columns to write HTML

You can use the same script to prepare an anchor tag which calls a method in JavaScript.. And you can place a Content Editor Web Part on your page, where you can define that method to open a Modal Dialog..

You can download the latest script here:
HTML Calculated Column

One of the implementations where I need to show custom checkbox selectors for the item:
SharePoint 2010: Get Selected Items from List View in Visual Web Part

Let me know if you need any help

  • Hi Arsalan, Just want to ask when generating the link, how can I find the ID for the list item? do you know how SP generates them..? e.g.: DispForm.aspx?ID=__ck8100530003000300030013008300g40000300 – Kris Nov 26 '13 at 22:37
  • Here is the trick, when you use Calculated Columns.. The Id is not yet prepared when the value is calculated, to overcome this I added a separate field and once the Item is added.. I updated this field with the ID of the Item.. Use this custom Id field in calculated columns and it should work! – Arsalan Adam Khatri Nov 27 '13 at 13:05
  • Because mine is an external list, from WCF. So would the ID change everytime..? how does it work internally? thanks again!! – Kris Nov 27 '13 at 23:19

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