We have some content in Word documents that we need to convert to web pages (publishing) in SharePoint. I know there are many ways to do this, with advantages and disadvantages. I would really like to hear your views on what is the best method to do this with a minimum amount of re-editing but also in such a way that you do not end up with outrageously bad HTML markup.


I looked at this once for 2007, but I must confess I've not tried for 2010.

The best advice I can give based on my 2007 experience is:

  • to create a Word Template that restricts the styles a user can use.
  • avoid images entirely.
  • don't be afraid to consider 3rd party converters - or writing your own.
  • if you've already got those Word files full of content, you're probably stuck. (This is what killed the project I'd been working on. They had to have a consistent style, but had slapped tonnes of content into hundreds of Word files already)

Create a Blog under your main Site and use Windows Live Writer 2011 to compose your document and its images.

  • If there are no images use Live's Source pane and copy and paste into your HTML view of your RTF section in your List or Wiki.

    If there are images, publish to to your Blog (set to read-only for everyone). The images and thumbs (and HTML) are then part of your Site and can be used as copy and paste anywhere you need them.

Also use an HTML/CSS editor to set up your required formatting and bring across the CSS as in-line or use a CEWP to hold the CSS or reference to the same.

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