I would like to create a Custom Property for a Sandboxed Visual Web Part but I'm not able to do so.

Requirement: I would like to display data of Blog "Posts" List(RSS Feed) in Custom web part by providing the Name of a Sub Site in Custom Property of Web Part.

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To create a Custom Property for a Sandboxed Visual Web part, you can make use of the below code and link,

[WebBrowsable(true), Personalizable(true)]
public string ListName { get; set; }


Using the above custom property value, find out the ListRssUrl and pass it to the below function to get the data from it.

Here is a small code snippet to parse sharepoint blog posts list’s Rss feed.

protected string GetRSS(string ListRssUrl)

string rss_text = “”;
string title = “”;
string link = “”;
string description = “”;

XPathDocument doc = new XPathDocument(ListRssUrl);
XPathNavigator nav = doc.CreateNavigator();
XPathNodeIterator items = nav.Select(“//item”);

while (items.MoveNext())
XPathNavigator navCurrent = items.Current;

title = navCurrent.SelectSingleNode(“title”).InnerXml;
link = navCurrent.SelectSingleNode(“link”).InnerXml;
description = navCurrent.SelectSingleNode(“description”).InnerXml;


In your webpart, you can use a grid to display the title, link, description, etc.

Hope this helps you.


Check out the option explained in this post How to create a custom property and set a default value in a SharePoint 2013 Visual WebPart

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