We are trying to remove the checkbox which appears when uploading a new document in SharePoint (we are using 2013).

By default this is checked. We would like it to be unchecked by default.

I have seen information on how to do this by modifying the upload.aspx and uploadex.aspx file (e.g. here: http://lazysharepointadmin.com/blog/2011/08/25/change-overwrite-existing-files-behavior/#comment-111 )

However, I believe the above is not recommended (as it could cause problems when upgrading).

I've also seen brief information on how to do this via an elements.xml file and using a delegate control..? But I don't fully understand where or how to do this and don't want to get things wrong on a master page.

Can anyone shed any light on how the AdditionalPageHead delegate control can be used to do this please?


You could simply modify your system master page and add some javascript to the bottom of the page just above PlaceHolderFormDigest to set the "Overwrite existing files" checkbox to default to Unchecked.


  • Never modify the OOTB master page, create a copy and use it for your sites! – Robert Lindgren Oct 31 '13 at 17:43

Never modify the out of the box layouts files!

As you said, we can use AdditionalPageHead delegate control with jQuery/Javascript that can uncheck the check-box by default, see the example with delegate control.

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