I have this infopath form with 8 fields named:


How should I go to validate the form in a way that I cannot have duplicate values on those fields.

I cannot use code-behind because I dont have access to the central admin, plus a code-behind sandbox solution is too buggy for my like, keep getting random errors when publishing, using it. So I am looking for a no-code solution. I am using Sharepoint Server 2010.


  • Do you want to validate among these fields or against DB values for each field? Oct 29, 2013 at 13:22

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If you're wanting to just compare values to make sure there are no duplicates among them, you could create a validation rule on each of the fields that compares the values of each of the affected fields every time the value changes, and throws a validation error if duplicates are found.

  • Thats what I end up doing. See my answer for a more detailed solution
    – Luis
    Oct 31, 2013 at 4:55

So I end up doing a full compare of all the possible combinations:

8 choose 2 = 28.

Thats a lot of rules. There is another limitation, one item cannot have more than 6 rules (or at least i thought so), looks like this limitation is only on the designer to overcome this limitation do the folloing:

In the Rule condition select expression and you can insert as many comparisiona as you want like:

. = ../my:Field2 or . = ../my:Field3 or . = ../my:Field4 ...etc

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