I want to create Subsites based on some custom list in OFFICE 365. It is one time job. I am planning to have one customlist which will contain title,template,inherit permision flag,inherit master page flag and so on. once the record is inserted in the list, expectation is - new subsite with the provided title.

what is my best friend as i cant use SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges in OFFICE 365. is it event receiver, worklfow, webpart,App. if some one can provide me an example or guide me on how to .

Thanks for replying Biju. let me know if i need to give more details.

Thanks, Devang

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    Let me have little more details on your question. When do you want to create sub sites? What is the nature of the job? Is it a repeated job or one time job? Oct 28 '13 at 11:21

Modify NewItem.aspx of the custom list, and when user clicks on Save button to insert a new list item, fire up your custom JSOM code that creates the subsite based on the details given on the NewItem form.


Though I have not added a sub site in this manner, reading from other sources, I understand that we can use

Remote Event Handler


auto hosted app with workflow

to do this in SharePoint Online.

Remote event receivers for cloud apps for SharePoint

Similar questions are already answered in this community and have a look at them before you proceed.

Hope this helps

  • i will give this a try.auto hosted app with workflow is new to me so it might be little tough for me. Oct 28 '13 at 12:30

If you need to create subsite or list from workflow you can use custom 3rd party activities for Office 365:

You can automatically start the workflow when item created and create subsite or list.

Note: Activities are included in the paid Workflow Activity Pack developed by my team.

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