I have a document set with a field called DocumentSetAuthors (it is a person or group column).

Inside this document-set user can add a document type called Document1. Document1 has a DocumentAuthors column(it is also a person or group column).

How can I copy the the DocumentSetAuthors to DocumentAuthors column automatically (perhaps with a workflow)


With Document Sets, there are Shared Columns that have been baked into the content type. When you share a column, every document within the Document Set will have that metadata if you share that column.

To set up shared columns on your document library, you have to:

  1. Click Library Settings.
  2. Click on Document Set content type link If all the content types are not shown, you have to Allow Management of content types in Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Document Set settings and add the columns you want to be shared in the Shared Columns Section.

Document Set Settings Shared Column Settings

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