Just some quick background I have a Windows 7 x64 machine with Office 2007 installed. I have SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio Professional 2013 installed as well. I was hoping to utilize the visual designer mode in SharePoint Designer to create some SharePoint Workflows. For some reason when I switch to visual designer view its blank and doesn't display anything. All of the office software including Designer and Viso are 32 bit. Thoughts?

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Solved, with reinstallation of SharePoint Designer 2013.

I had same problem on my development environment but not on test environment.

When I tried to open and switching workflow (on dev. env.) from SPD 2013 (installed on test env.) on visual designer, all work fine.

I compared two installations of SPD (dev and test) and I found on test I've installed only SPD 2013 without updates while on dev I've SPD and 46 updates.


1.Install SharePoint Designer 2013 & Visio Professional on the same machine

◦The Visual Designer will not work in any previous versions of SPD

◦Only Visio Pro will enable the Visual Designer

2.Connect SharePoint Designer 2013 up to a SharePoint 2013 site that has the Workflow Manager setup

◦The Visual Designer will not work on 2010 sites

◦This is because you can’t create SharePoint 2013 workflows on SharePoint 2010 sites

◦You can find more info on how to setup the Workflow Manager here:

3.Create a new SharePoint 2013 workflow

◦The Visual Designer will only work when creating / editing SharePoint 2013 workflows

◦You cannot use this feature to create / edit SharePoint 2010 workflows

and finally enable like so:

enter image description here


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