I have a Problem with the rendering of Sharepoint 2010 Pages on iOS. This problem occurs on iOS5-7 in Safari/Chrome on my iPad and iPhone. I've tried this on different Sharepoint Pages, Standard and Custom ones.

I disabled the mobile view for Sharepoint Pages on iOS so that I can see the Desktop Version of the Pages. Everything displays fine at first, but when I change the Orientation and then go back the Page gets rendered with the horizontal Height and the bottom half is just white. I made some Screens to show how it looks. http://imgur.com/a/RB9ks

This error occurs every time changing the orientation on the iPhone, on the iPad only when you're zoomed in. It can also occur just by zooming in and out. Same thing happens in Chrome. It just looks different, there it's grayed out and not white.

  • I do not think Microsoft intends to support anything on mobile unless you are using the Mobile View mode they have provided – Robert Lindgren Oct 24 '13 at 6:52

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