Here is my environment:

SharePoint Server 2013 Trial
SharePoint Designer 2013

When I create a blank site in SharePoint Designer 2013, an error message shows saying:

This template is not supported on http://<server name>

However, when I create a Blog site or Team Site, the site creation will be successful.

When I create a new subsite via SharePoint Server 2013, there is no Blank website option.

Is it possible to create a blank site?


The blank site template is not visible in SharePoint, because its "Hidden" property is set to true (see this blog entry on how to change this setting, if you don't mind editing configuration files yourself). Another option to create a blank subsite is to create it using PowerShell:

$s = Get-SPSite "<URL of your Site Collection>"
$template = Get-SPWebTemplate -Identity "STS#1"
$s.AllWebs.Add("SubsiteUrl", "Name", "Description", 1033, $template, $false, $false) 

The Url of the Subsite is relative to the URL of the Site Collection. See this Technet article for further details on how to create the subsite.

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