I have created a custom list definition and detailed in many articles across the net I have specified my file in the JSLink property of the view. For some reason it is no longer working.

<JSLink Default="TRUE">/_layouts/15/myfile.js</JSLink>

Note: I have also tried ~layouts. But for some reason when I create the list it is no longer working. I have tried creating the list in both Powershell and the UI.

When I set the JSLink property on the web part on the view, it works as expected, but no through the schema.xml any more.

The javascript is trivial, basically just formatting a date not to show the time. Which is irrespective because the file isn't loaded. I've put a console.log("") message inside the file, which is only called when I set the JSLink property on the web part itself. I can also see from View Source that the file is not being added.

I have checked the JSLink property on the View in Powershell and it is set to the one I define in the schema.xml

Is there something I am missing?

  • Have you got a solution for this? I'm also getting the same issue. Could you please share if you have got it worked ?
    – Anish V
    Commented Jan 10, 2014 at 10:15

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If the javascript file is located directly in the folder you don't have to specify relative/full path as SharePoint will figure it out itself.

If you however have it located in a specific folder in either a document library or a in layouts, only then are you required to add a relative/full path to the javascript file.


(Located in layouts)


(Located in a folder)

// Located in subfolder in Layouts
// Located in subfolder in Style Library on root
<JSLink>~sitecollection/Style Library/MyJSFiles/MyCustomJSFile.js</JSLink>
// Located in subfolder in Assets

Example with multiple javascript files

(Located in layouts)

// OOB SharePoint uses this method as well

Try to use one of the tokens

  • ~site
  • ~sitecollection
  • ~layouts
  • ~siteLayouts
  • ~siteCollectionLayouts

I faced with problem that JSLink does not work without them.


In some cases you should encode "~" symbol.

  • Thanks, yeah, as stated, I've tried the ~layouts token. No joy.
    – SteveCl
    Commented Oct 16, 2013 at 8:48

try this, it works for me, as I deployed solution using Visual Studio,

 <JSLink Default="TRUE">../_layouts/15/myFeaturesFolder.Features/myJSLINKFILE.js</JSLink>

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