I have a webpart which needs to use a native 32bit DLL for data access (the dll is Advantage.Data.Provider, for the Advantage Database Server DBMS.) As such I'm pretty sure I need to compile it as 32bit. However, my SharePoint server is 64bit.

If I compile the webpart project with platform target as x86, the webpart doesn't appear for me when trying to populate the web part gallery (_layouts/NewDwp.aspx).

(And if I compile the webpart with target 'Any CPU', the webpart appears in the gallery and I can add it, but when I try to add it to a page I get "Unable to load DLL 'ace32.dll'". I guess this is because it's running 64bit and trying to access a 32bit DLL.)

Can I use 32bit webpart in 64bit SharePoint? Or maybe there's another way around this?


My understanding is that SP2010 won't load a webpart compiled x86 only. Compiling with the target 'any CPU' means it will get Jitted to 64-bit when run inside the 64-bit worker process. That will prevent loading any 32-bit DLLs, as you say in the question.

You either need an 'ace64.dll', or load your db access code in another process somehow.


Whats the version of Advantage Data Provider you are using?

I saw this similar thread, which says that the New Release of Data Provider would be 64-bit.


Did you get chance to download the new version?

  • We're on ADS unfortunately, so can't get the 64bit provider it seems.. – ngm Dec 21 '10 at 16:44

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