In our SharePoint sites, we have a number of places where a user (SBS) can be inserted. For example, which user is responsible for a particular task. However, when selecting this user, there is a list of every single possible user to associate, including groups and even inactive users.

How can I restrict these user fields to only display and accept currently active user accounts?


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  1. When you create the user column, make sure that the "Allow selection of:" option is set to "People Only".
    Allow selection of

  2. You have the option of restricting users to a particular group. Use the "Choose from" group to select a SharePoint group. If you need to use an AD (Active Directory) Group then create a new SharePoint group and nest the AD group inside of it.

    Choose from

  3. If you just want to exclude disabled users then you will need to do it by configuring the User Profile Service. I have this question and answer about how to exclude disabled users from the synchronization which should help you out.

  • Awesome, yes the disabled users is the most important thing I'm trying to do. In that case, I would actually close my question as a duplicate :D Commented Oct 15, 2013 at 14:38

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