Got a weird issue with one of my SP2013 farms and was hoping for some guidance.

Whenever I issue the register-spworkflowservice command it only creates the SP Workflow service proxy and not the actual service.

Central Admin looks like this central admin

The service proxy shows that workflow manager is connecting but whenever I try to publish a workflow via SPDesigner it will throw errors saying it can't communicate with the workflow service.

Any ideas?

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I generally see that error in my development environment after coming back from a saved state. Usually rebooting the servers in the farm resolves it. Sometimes I also see the networking get screwy so an IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS can resolve this.

Do you have WM on the same box as SP?

Try to re-establish the connection by running the PowerShell pairing command again, this time with a -force argument. You should see both the service app & proxy in CA. If not, check the ULS logs when you run the pairing command.

  • Turns out the issue seems to be as you say with networking going screwy between the servers. WM was on a seperate box not running SP. Tried multiple times to remove the service application but it seemed to keep some trace of it. Doing the above ipconfig/flushdns and a full service stop and reboot finally allowed me to remove the service completely. Running the powershell again created the full service app/proxy.
    – PipBoy
    Nov 8, 2013 at 16:15

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