I was messing with SP's library forms (I think) a while back. Gave up eventually, because that wasn't really what I wanted. I did manage to break something, somewhere, though. Namely, the links to the default Shared Documents Library point to my /SitePages/Custom.aspx page.

For example, Site Actions > All site content > Document Libraries > Shared Documents links to Custom.aspx.

The library works fine and is available on its original URL, /Shared Documents, but the problem is that SP still links it to the custom page, which is not what I intend, and I can't remember what I did to change that.


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Perhaps you have changed the Default View of the Library. Go to Library Settings. Scroll Down and you will see a section named Views. Click on All Documents view. Check the option "Make this the Default View".

  • Yes, this was it! The library had no default view. I suppose I did set my custom page to be the default view, but I had deleted it eventually, so none of the existing views in the Library Settings > Views section were ticked. Thank you! Oct 1, 2013 at 7:16

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