I have a ribbon with green boarder , inside SharePoint server 2013 as follow:- enter image description here

The ribbon has three css classes , and inside my custom CSS, i define the following CSS rules:-

.ms-cui-tabContainer ms-cui-tabContainer-gr  {
    border-color:#008CD2 !important;
.ms-cui-tabBody ms-cui-tabBody-gr{
    border-color:#008CD2 !important;

    border-color:#008CD2 !important;

but still the ribbon have a green boarder instead of blue border .

Can anyone advice please?

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  • fix css rule

    your css rule is not correct:

    1. missing . before ms-cui-tabBody-gr
    2. remove space between classes: .ms-cui-tabBody and .ms-cui-tabBody-gr

    the right code is

         border-color:/*any color*/ !important;

    the best, set top and bottom border

    .ms-cui-tabBody-gr, .ms-cui-ct-topBar-gr{border-color:/*any color*/ !important;}

  • put your css after all css links of SP

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