I recently upgraded my SharePoint 2007 to 2010. I have multiple site collections listed as below.

  • /personal/user1
  • /personal/user2
  • /personal/user3

In the new SharePoint 2010, when a user clicks on My Site, I want it to redirect to their personal page.

When they click on My Profile, I would like it to point to mysite/Person.aspx?accountname=username

Maybe this isn't possible, but I will take suggestions. Thanks for the help!

Update: So I have now created a Site Collection called /personal. I have set a managed path for personal as an Explicit inclusion.

My Site Host = http://spsite/personal
Personal Site Location = personal

The user's My Profile and My Site page are working, but when I choose My Content from the My Site page, I keep getting the error, "There has been an error creating the personal site. Contact your site administrator for more information."


Offhand the first issue that comes to mind is your Application Pool Identity. You need to make sure the Application Pool Identity is also a Farm Administrator. You can do this through the Central Administration. Also it would be helpful if you could please pull the logfile of the error.

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