I'm new to sharepoint. I managed to create a visual web part in VS 2012. But I don't know how to deploy it properly.

I only added a button control to the webpart page. After that I used F5 to deploy it. I selected "Deploy as farm solution" option while creating the project.

How can I view the output of my project in SharePoint 2013? How can I debug it? Is there any configurations to be made for deploying?

Thanks, Anand

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To deploy and see your webpart in the sharepoint site, pls follow the instruction given in the following link.


Here is the steps to debug a web part in SharePoint :

Step 1: open the project and set the appropriate breakpoints.

Step 2: Create a Web Part Page on the default SharePoint site.

Step 3: Add the Web Part to the page.

Step 4:

• Attach the debugger to the W3wp process.

• On the Debug menu in Visual Studio .NET,click Processes.

• Verify that the Show system processes check box is selected.

• Verify that the Show processes in all sessions check box is selected.

• Under Available Processes, click W3wp.exe in the Process list, and then click Attach.

• Under Choose the program types that you want to debug, select Common Language Runtime, and then click OK, Then Close

Hope this helps you,



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  • Step 4: Press F5 in visual studio. This will open the sharepoint site to which solution is being deployed to.
    – Joyal4
    Commented May 28, 2014 at 6:33
  • Step 5 : Browse the URL to which the webpart is added. Control will go to Visual Studio debugger automatically.
    – Joyal4
    Commented May 28, 2014 at 6:34

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