I'm iterating through all files of a document library using powershell trying to update some files in some folders. I can read the file properties but I'm not able to update them.

Here is my code:

foreach($list in $web.Lists) {

    if ($list.Title -ne "My Documents") {

    Write-Host $list.Title

    foreach($folder in $list.RootFolder.SubFolders) {

        if ($folder.Name -ne "My Folder") {

        Write-Host $folder.Name -ForegroundColor Gray

        foreach($file in $folder.Files) {

            # field type: users and groups
            Write-Host $file.Properties['My Cust Prop 1']
            # output: 40

            # field type: date and time
            Write-Host $file.Properties['My Cust Prop 2']
            # output: 2012-07-11T00:00:00Z

            #This does not work:
            #$file.Properties['My Cust Prop 1'] = 30
            #$file.Properties['My Cust Prop 2'] = '2012-10-25T00:00:00Z'




What am I doing wrong? How do I have to change the code to make this work?

How can I get the User ID if I only have the AD account?

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This should work, you need to call Update method before Checking In

$file.Properties['My Cust Prop 1'] = 30
$file.Properties['My Cust Prop 2'] = '2012-10-25T00:00:00Z'

Or you can try

$listItem = $web.GetListItem($file.ServerRelativeUrl);
$listItem.Properties['My Cust Prop 1'] = 30
$listItem.Properties['My Cust Prop 2'] = '2012-10-25T00:00:00Z'

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