I want to get selected value from drop-down and display the value in textbox in SharePoint standard list form.

How can I achieve this?

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This could be done using jQuery easily.

to get selected data you can use

$("#dropdownid option:selected").text();

And to populate text box


You have to include jquery reference for using this. If using sharepoint 2013 it is already included.

For more info: http://api.jquery.com/


Using jQuery you can get the value from drop-down and display it in text-box:

//This gets selected value from drop-down control:

var ddl_value = $("#drop-downID option:selected").text();

//This updates and displays value from drop-down in text-box:


But remember you cannot edit the default list forms. To add this code you should create a custom list form and make that form as the default form (edit/new). This can be achieved in SharePoint Designer.

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