I have TaxonomyWebTaggingControl in my SharePoint 2010 application with three term sets:

<Taxonomy:TaxonomyWebTaggingControl ID="myWebTaggingControl"
AllowFillIn="True" IsMulti="True" IsDisplayPickerButton="False"
ContainerId="mycontenerID" runat="server">

In code behind I bind data to control:

var sspIds = new List<Guid> {TermStore.Id, TermStore.Id, TermStore.Id};
var termSetIds = new List<Guid> { TermSet1.Id, TermSet2.Id, TermSet3.Id};
myWebTaggingControl.Text = text;

where text is term (label|guid;)

When I open the page, the text in control is ';' (should display label of term). This is works correctly when I have one term set and one termstore:

var sspIds = new List<Guid> {TermStore.Id};
var termSetIds = new List<Guid> { TermSet1.Id};

How can I bind text to this control to work correctly with three term sets?

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Taxonomy web tagging control does not accept more than one term set. If you want to display data from three term set, add three tagging controls.

For more info check: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.taxonomy.taxonomywebtaggingcontrol.aspx

  • But SspId and TermSetId are a list of guids. This works correctly besides display the text. Also autocomplete working correctly (I see terms from all three term sets). In my control I can add terms and saving is working, but when I want to display this, then it displays only semicolon.
    – Agnieszka
    Sep 24, 2013 at 11:04

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