I have written a custom field type with this definition (to be used in SP2010):

    <Field Name="TypeName">MyField</Field>
    <Field Name="ParentType">Number</Field>
    <Field Name="TypeDisplayName">My Field</Field>
    <Field Name="TypeShortDescription">My field description</Field>
    <Field Name="AllowBaseTypeRendering">TRUE</Field>
    <Field Name="UserCreatable">FALSE</Field>
    <Field Name="FieldTypeClass">$SharePoint.Type.3e27f5e8-348d-40c6-afcc-87306b2bb3ac.AssemblyQualifiedName$</Field>
    <Field Name="Sortable">TRUE</Field>
    <Field Name="Filterable">TRUE</Field>

Basically, this custom field extend the native SPFieldNumber to provide a custom UI:

public class MyField: SPFieldNumber
    public MyField(SPFieldCollection fields, string fieldName)
        : base(fields, fieldName)

    public MyField(SPFieldCollection fields, string typeName, string displayName)
        : base(fields, typeName, displayName)

    public override Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.BaseFieldControl FieldRenderingControl
            return new MyFieldControl
                FieldName = this.InternalName,

The custom field works fine in the standard newform.aspx and editform.aspx. However, when I create a datasheet view, the field is read only:

enter image description here

What have I to do to make the field editable in the datasheet view?

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This is SharePoint behavior. Custom fields are not editable in datasheet view.

  • I'm still eager to find some hack to override this issue (but I'm realistic, it will probably won't be possible).
    – Steve B
    Sep 20, 2013 at 9:29
  • I would love to see if there is any hack. A user had requested me once to provide edit functionality to my custom field control "Autocomplete Lookup Field" autocompletelookup.codeplex.com/discussions/361944 Sep 20, 2013 at 11:01
  • Is there any Microsoft link reference for this? I would appreciate if you can provide me such link. It will be very helpful then. Thanks in advance. Nov 16, 2017 at 9:41

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