I'm trying to edit my new form and edit form in a customer sp list in SP Designer, so users can upload files directly while completing the form, rather than remembering to scroll up to the ribbon and attach it there.

I found this blog post that provides info to do it in spd 2007, but the functionality is not the same, and I'm having issues.

I also found this: http://sharepoint.indigoreality.com/2012/06/18/sharepoint-2010-adding-an-attachments-field-to-a-list-item-form/ But some steps are missing.

Anyone out there that can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Within SPD, I did the following. First, I didn't edit the existing new item file. I created a new one. Then I did advance edit. Deleted the text from a field that I didn't need in the new item form. Replaced the verbiage with Attach File. Then, where the field was, I deleted the checkbox in my case and drag and dropped an .net file upload control. Works like a charm.

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