When browsing SharePoint 2013 using google chrome I am getting following error:-

ReferenceError: Strings is not definedReferenceError: Strings is not defined

and the Chrome Developer tools console is mentioning the following exception:-

Uncaught ReferenceError: Strings is not defined clienttemplates.js?rev=J%2BGzwlHEWSv11%2BqD9XeOaw%3D%3D:1 $_global_clienttemplates clienttemplates.js?rev=J%2BGzwlHEWSv11%2BqD9XeOaw%3D%3D:1 (anonymous function) clienttemplates.js?rev=J%2BGzwlHEWSv11%2BqD9XeOaw%3D%3D:

so how I can solve this exception? and could this problem be related to the fact that I have reorder, some of the master page components. for example I move the search button to be on the left upper corner, and I move the site title to be at the top of the page beside the company logo.

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Load the SP scripts first using SP.SOD.LoadMultiple as shown below

SP.SOD.loadMultiple(['sp.js', 'clienttemplates.js','clientforms.js','clientpeoplepicker.js','autofill.js'], function(){
//your func here


The object Strings is defined in sts_strings.js, located in a language-specific subfolder of the layouts folder. For example, assuming you have an English version: /_layouts/15/1033/sts_strings.js. You should include this JavaScript reference before the reference for clienttemplates.js.


This issue is either one of the following:

  • Custom JavaScript code which isn't downloading
  • Custom Master page with broken link to strings JS
  • A plugin in Chrome which is preventing the page from loading correctly (popup blocker etc)

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