I have a custom content type, inheriting from the WorkflowTask content type. I've configured the content type to point to a custom form, but the URLs are not working properly.

    Name="Custom Task Content Type"
    Group="Custom Content Types"
        <FieldRef ID="{5E9EDA01-AFAF-4c6d-A3C4-A44C8418E519}" Name="_ApprovalNotes"/>
        <FieldRef ID="{886F1812-47CE-4cd7-AF93-C57EF5EBD171}" Name="_ApprovalStatus"/>
        <FieldRef ID="{CFB3DE92-106B-4c3e-84D2-9FBC3A3C5921}" Name="_Delegate"/>
        <FieldRef ID="{B923E7D6-7C56-447b-95A9-5CFB7854F7B7}" Name="_taskType"/>
        <XmlDocument NamespaceURI="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/v3/contenttype/forms/url">
                <New>_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=New&amp;WFTask=1</New>
                <Edit>_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=Edit&amp;WFTask=1</Edit>
                <Display>_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=Display&amp;WFTask=1</Display>

When adding this content type to the built-in Tasks list, the custom form URLs are not carried over. So in the FeatureActivated event receiver, I have this code:

SPContentType ct = taskList.ParentWeb.AvailableContentTypes[contentTypeName];
if (ct != null)

    SPContentType ct2 = taskList.ContentTypes[contentTypeName];
    ct2.NewFormUrl = "_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=New&WFTask=1";
    ct2.EditFormUrl = "_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=Edit&WFTask=1";
    ct2.DisplayFormUrl = "_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=Display&WFTask=1";

Unfortunately, when I open the workflow task form, the received query string contains the key amp;WFTask rather than WFTask. Why is the ampersand XML encoded and then directly used in the querystring rather than being decoded back to a proper ampersand? How do I fix this?

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    As a work-around, I'm checking the querystring for the "amp;WFTask" key if "WFTask" is not found - this works, but in my development I've seen cases where the encoding resulted in "amp;amp;amp;WFTask" - as though it had been encoded three times. – Zarepheth Sep 12 '13 at 14:06

Use %26 instead of &. It helped me. Like here:

<Edit>_Layouts/project/custom Form.aspx?PageMode=Edit%26WFTask=1</Edit>
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  • Odd that that may work, I would assume the %26 would cause the PageMode parameter to equal Edit%26WFTask=1 rather than giving me two parameters. I may try this in the future, but right now the work-around functions and I'm under a time crunch to finish. – Zarepheth Oct 22 '13 at 12:51
  • When I finally got time to test this (need to resolve became necessary when one of our environments double-encoded the ampersand $amp;amp;WFTask=1) the %26 encoding resolved the problem. – Zarepheth Oct 27 '13 at 19:34

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